1.    The Youth Council shall develop the portions of the local plan relating to eligible youth, as determined by the LWIB.
2.    The Youth Council shall recommend eligible providers of youth activities to the LWIB to be awarded grants or contracts on a
       competitive basis to carry out youth activities. 
3.    The Youth Council shall conduct oversight with respect to the eligible providers of youth activities in the local area. 
4.    The Youth Council shall coordinate youth activities in the local area.
5.    The Youth Council shall perform other duties determined to be appropriate by the LWIB.

- Members of the Local Board with special interest or expertise in youth policy.
Representatives of youth service agencies, including juvenile justice and local law enforcement agencies.
Representatives of local public housing authorities.
Parents of eligible youth seeking HELP under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act.
Individuals, including former participants, and representatives of organizations, that have experience relating to youth activities.
- Representatives of the Job Corps, as appropriate to local area.
Optional members including individuals as the chairperson of the Local Board, in cooperation with the chief elected official, determines
  to be appropriate.