Education Improvement Tax Credit Programs through the Lehigh Valley Business/Education Partnership

LVBEP has been designated as an approved EITC organization for its youth programs.  Through EITC you can support these programs which include:

CareerLinking Academy

CareerLinking Academy is an award-winning, comprehensive youth career awareness program targeted to high school juniors and seniors where students explore career interests and become linked to the world of work.

Summer Teacher Internship Program

Summer Teacher Internship Program provides Lehigh Valley teachers a summer internship in local businesses, industries and nonprofit organizations.  Utilizing experiences gained through the internship, teachers develop curriculum that are utilized during the school year in the classroom.

Youth Centers

Youth Centers and Workforce Coordinators are placed directly in high schools to imbed career awareness, career pathways, job opportunities, employability skills and more into the daily lives of high school students (pending state approval).

 Information for businesses applying for tax credits 

  • All business applications for the EITC program will have to be submitted online through a 2-step online application.  
  • Businesses must go through the Online single application website to apply for tax credits.
  • Businesses must first go through a one time registration process on the single application page in order to create a user name and password. 
  • After filing the application online, the business must submit the signature page to DCED via US mail. 
  • Business applications will be processed based on the online submission date.  
  • Scholarship organizations may submit online applications in behalf of the business, but the signature page must still be mailed in by the business.
  • Starting this year, businesses renewing a 2-year commitment for the EITC Program can also submit their application starting May 15. 
  • All other applicants may submit their applications on July 1.