The Lehigh Valley Business Education Partnership (LVBEP) is requesting proposals to plan, coordinate, and implement a student career awareness and preparedness program called CareerLinking Academy during the 2014-2015 school year. This program provides youth with the opportunity to participate in a structured program where they will explore career interests and become linked to the world of work and education.


An informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. at the Lehigh Valley Business Education Partnership, 555 Union Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18109.


Proposals must be submitted no later than Noon on Friday, November 21, 2014 by mail or delivered to: Lehigh Valley Business Education Partnership, 555 Union Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18109.

2014 RFP for CareerLinking Academy
Attachment 1 - Performance Measures
Attachment 2 - Pre-Test
Attachment 3 - Post-Test
Attachment 4 - Subcontractors Performance/Outcome
Attachment 5 - Intent to Apply
Attachment 6 - Proposal Cover Sheet
Attachment 7 - Proposal Check List
Attachment 8 - Debarment/Suspension
Attachment 9 - Budget
CareerLinking Academy RFP Information Session Powerpoint


LV Labor Market Forum October 2, 2014 Presentation click on the PowerPoint Presentation

Boomers to Business 2014

Presented by the Small Business Development Center in Partnership with the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board, Inc. and made possible by a grant from the PA Department of Labor & Industry, the focus of this seminar series is to create a clear path to business ownership for those who are 55+ who are considering entrepreneurship. Through this specially designed four part series, attendees will learn how to open and start a business, along with special topics unique to boomer entrepreneurs. With the knowledge of these semiars in hadn, attendees will be able to make an informed decision if entrepreneurship is a fitting option for their lifestyle.
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For further information regarding membership, please contact

Thank you for your support in the Lehigh Valley.  It was my first experience working with the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board, Inc. (LVWIB) and I am so glad we have an organization that is helping manufacturing grow.   I hope there are future opportunities to work together.  
                         -          Chad Lesko, VP Operations, Lynar Corporation

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On behalf of Chair, Patricia Hartwell and the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board, Inc., in partnership with Chief Elected
Officials Lehigh County Executive Croslis and Northampton County Executive Stoffa, we are  pleased to present the Final Lehigh
Valley Local Workforce Investment Board Local Plan for Program Years 2012-2016.  The Local Plan has been approved by the PA
Department of Labor and Industry through June 30, 2017, as shown below.

Click  below for Final Local Plan documents:
PA Department of Labor and Industry Final Plan Approval Letter
Final LVIWB Local Plan
Appendix A through Appendix N
Attachment A Regional Gap Analysis
Attachment B LV Manufacturing Career Pathways
Attachment C LV Green Career Pathways
Attachment D PDE Career Pathways
Attachment E CWIA Survey
Attachment F LV SkillsGap Analysis
Attachment G LCCC Gap Analysis

The Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board, Inc. will make available to the public, on a regular basis through open meetings, information regarding the activities of the local board, including information regarding the local plan prior to submission of the plan, and regarding membership, the designation and certification of one-stop operators, and the award of grants or contracts to eligible providers of youth activities, and on request, minutes of formal meetings of the local board.