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Training & Service Providers

In order to achieve our vision of a world-class, competitive workforce, and help support economic growth in the Lehigh Valley, Workforce Board Lehigh Valley is committed to helping businesses provide the training their workforce needs to succeed.

If you are a business provider looking to train your current workforce or develop on-the-job training for incoming employees, Lehigh Valley Workforce Board can help make it possible through partnership and financial support.

Learn more about how we help the Lehigh Valley get to work.

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LV 2023 High Priority Occupations List

Are you searching for a new career path? Looking for a career that will help you provide for yourself and your family? Having trouble finding a job that is in-demand in your area? Then we have a product that might help answer these questions. The Center for Workforce Information & Analysis is proud to announce the release of the LLV 2023 High Priority Occupations (HPO) Lists).

The occupations on the lists must be in demand by local employers, provide a family-sustaining wage and are matched with state funded training programs through the PA CareerLink®.


The goal of SkillUP™ Lehigh Valley is to support local job seekers and employers.  Over 6,000 courses—including Chinese, Spanish, and soft skills—as well as more than 130 industry certifications are available through SkillUP™. You and your partners can gain full access to your local SkillUP™ portal and employer assessment screenings.…

Training Providers

Workforce Board Lehigh Valley partners with community organizations and local businesses to give them the funding and resources necessary to provide apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing, mentorship, on-the-job training, and more! 

On-The-Job Training

Workforce Board Lehigh Valley helps provide on-the-job training to qualifying local businesses and community organizations to help prepare incoming employees to get to work. What’s better yet, we have federal funding to invest in on-the-job training to help cut back on the cost to you.


Apprenticeships are structured, occupational training programs for current employees or new hires that combine on-the-job training with related technical instruction that increases an apprentice’s skill level and wages. Apprenticeships span industries from traditional sectors like construction and manufacturing to emerging sectors, like energy, information technology, and health care.